Good Juju Just For You

Have a special person who needs watching over?

Jujus are a great way to bring luck to family and friends who are getting married, welcoming a new baby, moving into a new home, going off to college, or recovering from an illness. People have commissioned jujus to preserve family traditions, to commemorate special occasions and to honor a beloved pet. Travelers, anglers, sports teams, gardeners, cooks, writers, students, budding entrepreneurs – we could all use good juju. Hang them in the kitchen, a child’s room, office, beach house, fishing camp – wherever you need protection and good luck.

If you would like your Juju Doll to include a portrait, please, provide details and we will customize the pricing.  


The pieces are created on 12"x16" clayboard with a 1-1/2" birch painted wood cradle which makes them ready to hang.  This board is similar to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance.  It’s porous, matte surface provides a beautiful and unique base for oil painting which allows the artist to sand and scrape as he removes and adds the paint. These seamless little jewels are ready to hang.