Juju Me! Create Your Own Juju

Juju Me! Create Your Own Juju


Have a special person who needs watching over?

Jujus are a great way to bring luck to family and friends who are getting married, welcoming a new baby, moving into a new home, going off to college, or recovering from an illness.

People have commissioned jujus to preserve family traditions, to commemorate special occasions and to honor a beloved pet. Travelers, anglers, sports teams, gardeners, cooks, writers, students, budding entrepreneurs – we could all use good juju. Hang them in the kitchen, a child’s room, office, beach house, fishing camp – wherever you need protection and good luck.

With custom jujus, the artist will work with you to bring your ideas to life. While we do our best to accommodate all requests, due to popular demand there is currently a waiting list for custom jujus.

Please allow at least six to twelve weeks for all custom jujus. Juju art is not created on an assembly line. One-of-a-kind takes time.

Shipping Info

$10.00 for paper prints

$15 for 2 or more paper prints

$20.00 for canvas giclee prints

$50.00 for international canvas giclee prints

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