Amiesette, Protector of Friendship

Amiesette, Protector of Friendship


I am Amiesette, your bestie, the one who helps you face with world with bravery and courage. With me you will always be reminded that friendship between humans and with our four legged comrades is a sacred bond that you sow with love and reap with thanks.

Dimensions: 30x40 oil on canvas.

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Artist’s note: In French, “Alouette” means “lark,” a bird that sings in flight, unlike most species that only sing when perched. Larks have a crescent-shaped marking across the breast. The crescent in Alouette’s hat signifies both New Orleans, the Crescent City, and the moon which is often linked with the concept of self-discovery. The streetcar symbolizes Alouette’s role as conductor.