Oeufette, Protector of New Ideas

Oeufette, Protector of New Ideas


I am here to remind you that it really doesn’t matter which came first.  Both the chicken and the egg are fantastic creations.  No matter what you cook up in your imaginative life, remember that a person who never made a mistake also never tried anything new.  Life is short, trust your crazy ideas!

Dimensions: 12x16 oil on clayboard

The magic of the 12x16 original paintings comes from the artist laying down and removing oil paint during his process. 

Garland uses different techniques to achieve the mysterious results, always experimenting and letting the music guide his brushes. Most pieces are painted on clay fired boards that are set into substantial wooden cradles creating a ready to hang work of art.

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Artist’s Note: In New Orleans, the Boeuf Gras is one of the earliest symbols of Mardi Gras. It signifies the last meat consumed before the Lenten fast begins. In Medieval Latin “carne vale” means “flesh, farewell!” You can see the Boeuf Gras float every year in the Rex parade.