Protector of the Cool Cats

Protector of the Cool Cats


I hold here one of many treasured New Orleans characters and musicians, Uncle Lionel Batiste. With me you won’t be able to keep from dancing and the baseline will always have a distinctive flair. From the clubs on Frenchman to the Maple Leaf Bar, I will remind you that you know a place where the music seeps out of the cracks in the sidewalks and into your soul.

Dimensions: 12x16 oil on clayboard

The magic of the 12x16 original paintings comes from the artist laying down and removing oil paint during his process. 

Garland uses different techniques to achieve the mysterious results, always experimenting and letting the music guide his brushes. Most pieces are painted on clay fired boards that are set into substantial wooden cradles creating a ready to hang work of art.

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Artist’s Note: Lionel Batiste begin to play music at age 11 and influenced a generation of performers with his inimitable style.