Alouette, Protector of Travelers

Alouette, Protector of Travelers

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Me, they call Alouette. I am the protector of travelers – not just physical travelers, but those who travel with the mind and the spirit. I am the conductor. Here so you will learn something about yourself at every stop along life’s path. I am the lark. I will teach you to sing out loud and joyfully for all to hear.

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$10.00 for paper prints

$15 for 2 or more paper prints

$20.00 for canvas giclee prints

$50.00 for international canvas giclee prints

Locally Made

At 11”x14," all giclee paper and canvas prints are created locally using the best quality paper and archival inks. The canvas is stretched over a 1.5" hardwood gallery wrap frame and is ready to hang. All prints are made to order so please, allow two weeks from order date for delivery in most of the U.S.

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For signed options that include a remarque: this is a small original drawing by the artist that makes prints more valuable to collectors.

Artist’s note: In French, “Alouette” means “lark,” a bird that sings in flight, unlike most species that only sing when perched. Larks have a crescent-shaped marking across the breast. The crescent in Alouette’s hat signifies both New Orleans, the Crescent City, and the moon which is often linked with the concept of self-discovery. The streetcar symbolizes Alouette’s role as conductor.