Faunette, Protector of Animals

Faunette, Protector of Animals

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Je m’appelle Faunette. I am the protector of animals, young and old. I am the best friend of loyal, gentle souls in need of a pat on the head, a warm lap, and a person to call their own. With me in your home, tails keep wagging and purrs are never-ending.

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$10.00 for paper prints

$15 for 2 or more paper prints

$20.00 for canvas giclee prints

$50.00 for international canvas giclee prints

Locally Made

At 11”x14," all giclee paper and canvas prints are created locally using the best quality paper and archival inks. The canvas is stretched over a 1.5" hardwood gallery wrap frame and is ready to hang. All prints are made to order so please, allow two weeks from order date for delivery in most of the U.S.

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For signed options that include a remarque: this is a small original drawing by the artist that makes prints more valuable to collectors.

Artist’s note: “Faunette” is a variation of “Fauna,” the Roman woodland goddess of animals and wildlife. Her name comes from the Latin faveo, "to befriend or support." A portion of every Faunette print sold goes to the SPCA.