Portrait of

the Jujuist

Garland Robinette was raised in the deep swamps of south Louisiana by a French speaking Cajun mother. One of her expressions whenever he did something right was “well, mon cher, you just made some good juju, you.”

Garland Robinette believes he has experienced good luck – good juju – all his life, despite having suffered asthma as a child and being wounded twice in Vietnam.

After the war, he took a job as a janitor in a local radio station. When he was given a chance on the air, he grabbed it, and began a life-long career as a public figure on television and radio.

All along the way, Garland honed his innate talent for drawing and painting, and found success as an artist. Among his first commissions was the Official Papal Portrait of John Paul II during his visit to New Orleans. In 2011, he created the official poster for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. After retiring from his broadcast career, he began to paint fulltime.

At first, Garland’s Jujus Dolls began to show up in drawings on paper tablecloths in the restaurants he frequented in New Orleans. He would use soy sauce and hot sauce for color. Often, at the end of a fabulous meal, he would present the drawing to a member of the wait staff as a special thank you.

Today, with great gratitude for a life filled with luck and love, Garland offers his Juju Dolls to you.

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